Banquet FAQ’s & Instructions

• How many people does the Giardina (right up 3 steps) room hold?
50 and for Baby Shower or Bridal Shower 40

• How many people does the Piazza (left) room hold?
60 max

• How many people required to hold either room entirely?
50 Piazza room and 35 for the Giardina room.
**We reserve the right to change rooms if the amount of people required to hold the room is not met.

• What is the minimum party size for the banquet menu?
20 people for Lunch and Dinner & 30 people for Brunch.

• Can we substitute any dishes in the packages?
Yes, provided they are comparable. (i.e. veal for veal, chicken for chicken)

• What vegetarian dishes do you have?
Pasta primavera, eggplant parmigiana, eggplant rollatini. Pasta dishes cannot be used as a substitute because there is already a family style pasta course, unless there are any dietary restrictions for someone in the party.

• Can I add one more choice of entrée to the package?

• Is a deposit required to reserve the room?
Yes, $100 non-refundable.

• Can I bring in my own cake?
Yes, Cake, cupcakes and cookies ONLY. There is a $25 flat rate cake/cupcake fee.

• If there are less people that show up will I be charged for those who do not show?
No, just for those who do, except Brunch package there is a minimum of 30 people.

• When will I need a final head count?
About one week before the party is scheduled.

• May I bring in flowers or decorations?
Yes, but NO confetti.

• What table configurations are possible, how many people per table?
Party of 20 = 2 tables of 10
Party of 30 = 3 tables of 10
Party of 40 = 4 tables of 10 or 3 tables of 13
Party of 50 = 4 tables of 12 or 13, or all separate
Party of 60 = 5 tables of 12 or all separate (3 tables of 6 & 11 tables of 4)

• Can I bring in liquor?
No, beer and wine only.

• Can I bring in outside entertainment?

• How long can I have the room for?
3 hrs.

• Can I come see the room and go over details personally?
Yes, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday between 10:30 am and 2:00 pm. Monday & Thursday 10:30 am to 8:00 pm.

• Is Brunch buffet or sit down?
It’s sit down.

• Are there any gluten free options?
Yes, we offer gluten free pasta and all our entrees can be accommodated for gluten free diet.

• Is there a minimum amount of people for Brunch?
We require a minimum of 30 people to host a Brunch, if your final headcount is less then 30 you are still obligated to pay for the minimum of 30 people (You may take the food of the absent with you).